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In WorldPoker.Game, the server run completely in the chain, de-centering the server.


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WorldPoker.Game Design Ideas.

The WPKG platform implements the chain as engine. Get rid of the traditional game service architecture and use the blockchain as a game engine innovatively. At the same time, the public chain will ensure that the data is fair, open and traceable.

Subverting the profit model of the game industry.

Based on the blockchain technology, WPKG platform is completely decentralized, everyone is shareholder. Regardless of age, gender, nationality; no matter where you are, you can play in the platform anytime and anywhere. There is no longer the monopoly of traditional game platforms and the exploitation of unequal treaties, but everyone is equal and share the profits brought by the game.

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Some of us get dipped in flat,some in satin, some in gloss.But every once in a while you find someone who's iridescent,and when you do, nothing will ever compare.

Cryptocurrency Playground

In addition to supporting the platform's own token WPKG, the platform will also support other mainstream virtual currencies, including not only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS. The deposit will directly transfer the WPKG according to the market price.

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Our Core Services

Tournament mode

Advertisers with WPKG are free to post tournaments, tournaments include day, week and month.

Room card mode

Users with WPKG can build their own private hands, and the platform charges the room card fee in this mode.

Alliance game

Vendors and individuals can post game projects, as well as related paid SDKs and APIs.

Original node

The original node is the initial node of the WorldPoker.Game deployment. These nodes are maintained by the initial team before WorldPoker.Game is upgraded to federated chain. The original node will never be deleted, and it is very important for the entire WPKG to keep the original node stability in early stage.

Dynamic node

When WorldPoker.Game is running between the private chain and the federal chain, will copy the nodes to the user through the original node after users login the WorldPoker.Game platform. This node is a dynamic node. Its life cycle is from the user logon to exit the platform.

User entity node

In the public chain period, the use of physical nodes plays a very important ring, which is the key to maintaining the stability of the entire WorldPoker.Game. The node data of WorldPoker.Game is very small, and it will be very friendly to the physical nodes, and the game experience will be smoother.


Release of WPKG Token

In order to grow the platform as soon as possible, maintain and scale the nodes, in order to fully deliver the WorldPoker.Game game platform to users around the world as soon as possible, the platform plans to issue 500 million WPKG Tokens that comply with the ERC20 standard.

Token Allocation

Token rights

Access the game to the WorldPoker.Game platform any time.
Play all the games on the WorldPoker.Game platform no matter how long.
Build the private gambling by yourself, and post tournaments freely.
Share the 100% profit of the platform according to the proportion of tokens.

Latest News

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We launche global partner recruitment program!

As the world’s first decentralized poker online Game ecosystem builder, WorldPoker.Game has completed its initial launch after adequate preparation.

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White paper(Genesis version) release.

In WorldPoker.Game, the server run completely in the chain, de-centering the server. This is the biggest difference between us and traditional platform.

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WorldPoker.Game designed new logo.

From now on, WPKG officially uses this logo. And we are communicating with relevant parties to coordinate the replacement of icons.

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